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The Law Offices of Robert J. Morad PLLC is an aggressive, client satisfaction oriented law firm specializing in criminal defense, drunk driving and business litigation in Birmingham, Michigan. As a former assistant prosecuting attorney, I have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate through the criminal justice system to achieve the best results possible for you, the client.

I have tried nearly 100 cases to jury and have handled countless preliminary hearings, motions, bench trials, evidentiary hearings and probation violations for all types of felonies and misdemeanors. I carefully review each case to protect your constitutional rights and develop a strategy to determine the best way to resolve your situation. Contact us today!

About Robert Morad Criminal Justice Attorney

Having practiced criminal defense law in Birmingham, Michigan for longer than a decade, I'm experienced with a wide variety of cases that range from driving while intoxicated to drug possession, assault, arson, breaking and entering, manufacturing and narcotics trafficking to white collar federal offenses. As such, I exert full efforts to present all evidence in a light most favorable to you during court and even long before first docket call on the day of trial or pre-trial hearings.

No matter what type of case or the severity of your charges, don't trust final disposition to fate. Instead, you should obtain competent advice and representation by contacting the Law Office of Robert J. Morad, (248) 646-2920 or by submitting the brief form at right to receive a prompt response.


Hire a Well-Qualified Criminal Defense Attorney

The Law Office of Robert J. Morad, PLLC understands that the legal process can be difficult to navigate. When you are facing either felony or misdemeanor charge you want to have effective representation on your side. Whether you have been cited for a dui charge, drug charge, white collar crime, or any other criminal related offense it is vital that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your case! Protect your future by hiring a criminal defense attorney who will:

•Review the detail of your case
•Develop the best approach at defending you
•Appear with you for all your required court dates

Criminal Defense Practice Areas:

•Breaking and Entering
•Controlled Substances
•Disorderly Conduct
•Drug Crimes
•Drunk Driving
•Home Invasion
•Larceny and Fraud
•Property Crime
•Resisting Arrest
•Retail Fraud
•Traffic Tickets
•Uttering Publishing
•Weapons Offenses
•Violations of Probation
•License Restorations

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