Have You Been Charged With Arson?

Have You Been Charged With Arson?

Protect your freedom with an experienced defense attorney in Birmingham, MI

If you've been accused of intentionally setting property on fire, you need an arson attorney on your side. The Law Offices of Robert J. Morad, PLLC represents clients throughout the Birmingham, MI area. Contact our office today to find out what your charges mean for your future.

Don't spend the rest of your life behind bars

The courts in Birmingham, Michigan take charges of arson very seriously. Under the state's strict arson laws, you could end up serving a life sentence for willfully setting fire to property. Depending on the nature of the crime, you could also end up...

  • Paying fines of up to $20,000
  • Owing compensation of up to three times the value of the property
  • Spending 93 days to life in prison

Only an experienced arson attorney can help you craft a strong defense. Dial 248-646-2920 today to schedule a consultation.