Have You Been Charged With Cocaine Possession?

Hire a criminal defense attorney in Birmingham, MI

If you’re facing a cocaine drug charge in Birmingham, MI, you’re going to need a lawyer. The Law Office of Robert J. Morad PLLC represents defendants charged with:

• Cocaine trafficking
• Possession of cocaine
• Manufacturing of cocaine

Our firm has experience handing several cocaine drug charge cases, and our attorney thoroughly understands the laws surrounding criminal drug charges. We’ll work hard to defend you. Call 248-646-2920 to schedule an appointment at our Birmingham, MI office.

What are you up against?

Cocaine possession charges vary according to a few factors. Your penalties will depend on:

• The type of drug you were found in possession of
• The quality of the substance
• Your involvement with the substance
• Your previous criminal record

Reach out to the Law Office of Robert J. Morad when you need a lawyer to help you handle a cocaine drug charge.