DUI Attorney

Drunk Driving/OUI/DUI Defense In Birmingham, Michigan

Operating Under the Influence (OUI) is also known as Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). By any label, it’s among the most common bases of criminal cases in our entire nation. Consequently, many people make a far worse mistake of failing to appreciate the severe potential consequences until it’s much too late.

My firm specializes in aggressively defending all offenses involving Operating While Intoxicated or Visibly Impaired by Alcohol or Controlled Substances. If you are charged with drunk driving, you need an experienced, hardworking dui attorney to advise you on all of the ramifications of your charge and the best possible way to resolve your case.


Besides high fines, lengthy driving privileges suspension and even jail time, a DUI conviction has many collateral consequences that last your entire lifetime. For instance, a DUI conviction may cost you your current job and lost employability in the same career – even permanent ineligibility for some professional licenses. Not to mention a high car insurance rate that may equate to walking for five years additionally.

Given such high stakes, having a skilled dui attorney is highly advised to help fight DUI charges. The Birmingham, Michigan Law Firm of Robert J. Morad, PLLC, can assist you with:

•Understanding all pending charges and your legal rights
•Detecting procedural defects (such as no probable cause for arrest)
•Deciding which legal defense(s) best suits case-specific facts.

Whether a first-time, third or even fourth DUI charge, prompt action is vital to protect your future and valuable liberties. Call (248) 646-2920 today to schedule an appointment with our dui attorney!