Birmingham, Michigan Felony Criminal Defense

After evaluating the facts and applicable law during initial consultation, I’ll make specific recommendations and begin preparations for a strong legal defense against pending felony charges during your trial in Birmingham, Michigan Criminal Court. But disposing of charges long before then is the ideal outcome. This can be done by plea bargaining or pretrial motions that may lead to complete dismissal of all pending charges.

For instance, evidence obtained without a search warrant or probable cause may be ruled inadmissible against the defendant at trial. Depending on specific facts, this can render the state prosecutor’s entire case moot as a practical matter.

Likewise, technicalities such as proper interpretation of statutory provisions in specific factual scenarios may win acquittal even if actions or facts are indisputable. A prime example is ‘constructive’ drug possession charges based on no evidence except the defendant’s presence at some location and time with no actual knowledge of or participation in any crime. Another common scenario is DUI charges dismissed solely because results generated by mis-calibrated breathalyzers are unreliable and thus not usable as evidence to convict a defendant. In any case, a felony conviction carries serious far-reaching negative consequences beyond the immediate devastating impact. Loss of civil rights, like bearing arms or voting, as well as inability to gain employment are severe collateral penalties.

Thus, anyone charged with a felony in Birmingham, Michigan should immediately obtain assistance from a criminal defense lawyer. Call the Law Offices of Rob Morad, PLLC, at (248) 646-2920 or fill out the short contact form below to receive a fast reply.

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