Birmingham, Michigan Misdemeanor Criminal Defense

Generally speaking, a ‘misdemeanor’ is any crime that carries a maximum penalty of 12 months or less in jail time. Consequently, many people facing misdemeanor charges don’t take the matter seriously and end up in worse trouble than they first believed would result. Misdemeanor convictions have collateral consequences that can be far more severe than the criminal sentence imposed. For instance, first-time DUIs are classified as misdemeanors but may result in losing your job and rendering you permanently unemployable in the same career – even ineligible for some professional licenses. A misdemeanor prostitution conviction automatically bars the defendant from gaining employment with any federal government agency for life. Likewise, misdemeanor drug convictions trigger ineligibility to receive federal student financial aid for one year to life, depending on total number of offenses.

Besides government, many private employers in Birmingham, MI, disqualify applicants with any type of criminal history. This is especially true of sensitive positions in child care, law enforcement and financial services. In addition, some landlords don’t accept tenants with misdemeanor drug or sexual convictions. Moreover, the adverse economic impact of misdemeanor convictions can be harsh with high fines that require lengthy community service, financial hardship or the inability to drive a car due to exorbitant insurance rates or driver’s license reinstatement fees. Several convictions for the same misdemeanor crime within a specific period of time result in the last being enhanced to a felonious offense.

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