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Success Stories

DUI Charge Success Stories

DUI Case in Birmingham, MI

Our DUI attorney has handled numerous drunk driving cases over the years. One of the most recent DUI cases that our drunk driving attorney handled was in Birmingham, MI. The client was pulled over by a Birmingham, MI police officer because he was swerving and speeding. The officer carried out a primarily DUI test and deemed that the client was under the influence while driving.

The police officer administers a series of field sobriety tests including a preliminary breath test. Since the client blew over .08, the client was arrested for OWI. Our attorney was able to negotiate the charges down and keep the client out of jail.

Drunk Driving Case in Novi, MI

Our DUI Attorney recently represented another client who was charged with a DUI. This client was pulled over at a routine traffic stop by Novi Hills police.

The client refused to take the breath test back at the station so the police officer obtained a search warrant which allowed them to take a blood sample from the client. The client’s blood alcohol level was over the legal limit and the client’s license was suspended due to the refusal of the breath test.

Our Birmingham, MI DUI attorney was able to negotiate the client through the case getting him a favorable sentence and helped him get a restricted license from the secretary of state.

DUI Charge in Royal Oak, MI

Our Birmingham, MI DUI Attorney recently represented a client who was stopped by Royal Oak PD for speeding on Woodward. After taking a preliminary breath test and blowing over the legal limit, he was arrested for OWI. He submitted to a breath test at the police station and blew .09. After reviewing the police report, our DUI attorney found several legal issues that helped him in his negotiations with the prosecutor in order to get a great plea deal for the client.

Drunk Driving Charge in Beverly Hills, MI

Our DUI Attorney represented a client in court who was facing a DUI charge. The client ran a stop light and as a result was pulled over by the police officer. The Beverly Hills, MI police officer conducted a field sobriety test and an additional test at the police office. This client had no previous DUI charges and a clean record. Our DUI attorney was able to get the charges reduced through negotiations.

Felony Success Stories

Alexa M

I was charged with felony Home Invasion First Degree and faced up to 20 years in prison. At the preliminary examination, Mr. Morad cross examined the alleged victim in the case and was able to discredit her version of the incident. He also uncovered some additional damaging evidence against the alleged victim. Because of his representation, I received no additional jail time and walked away with two minor misdemeanors.

Richard E

I was charged with seven counts of larceny by conversion arising out of my carpentry business. I cooperated with the police but still was charged with these crimes. I faced losing my home, my new job and I faced up to 5 years in prison. Mr. Morad was able to provide additional evidence to the prosecutor on my behalf and convince them to dismiss the all of the felony charges. I couldn’t have made it through this ordeal without having Mr. Morad’s representation and his counsel. He saved my life.

Andy C

I lost my driver’s license as a result of some old drunk driving convictions. I had driving with an ignition interlock for nearly 10 years. I retained Mr. Morad to conduct my DLAD hearing with the Secretary of State. Mr. Morad filed the application along with the appropriate letters and drug tests and he conducted the hearing for me. Mr. Morad was able to overcome several alleged technical violations of the ignition interlock and successfully won the hearing. I now have my full driver’s license back. Mr. Morad’s knowledge and experience really helped me in this process. I can’t thank him enough.