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Law Office of Robert J. Morad, PLLC


The Law Office of Robert J. Morad, PLLC offers a wide range of criminal defense services to residents and business owners in Birmingham, MI and surrounding areas. When you partner with us as your criminal defense attorney you will get an attorney who will fight for you. No matter what criminal charge you are facing you want to be sure that you have someone on your side that will fight for you. Below you will find reviews from happy clients that have used our criminal defense services.

Mr. Morad is very honest, genuine and straight forward. Without his help I don't believe that my issue would have come out with the positive results that we were able to achieve. Mr. Morad stuck with me until the end and was more than just legal representation he is considered a friend!!

Andrew H.

Rob Morad was the best attorney I could have dreamed of... He went above and beyond to educate me on my best legal options. His knowledge of the law from both the prosecution and defense side of the process...along with Rob's extreme patience and guidance...resulted in an ideal outcome for my case..."

Sara D.

From beginning to end, Rob helped me navigate through the legal system and assisted me successfully get through my challenging legal issues. I would recommend Rob Morad to anyone who needs legal help, as he is exceptionally experienced and insightful with the legal and court process.

Margaret F

.Rob Morad's advocacy for me, tremendously helped me to get on, and stay on the right road. He not only helped me obtain a great result with my criminal case, but he also has counseled me on a better way of living my life drug and alcohol free.

Jeff S.

Robert Morad was my court-appointed defense attorney in a difficult, drawn-out case for charges of home invasion and assault/battery. I could not have been luckier to be appointed to such a thorough, respectful, and professional attorney. Mr. Morad took the time to discuss details of the proceedings with me on multiple occasions, sometimes spending an hour of his time to make me feel more aware and comfortable with the situation I was facing. He was strategic in his approach of presenting evidence in my defense and managed to work out a desirable plea bargain in my case. Thanks to Mr. Morad, I did not serve any jail or prison sentence. The home invasion first-degree charge (20-year felony) was ultimately lowered to a misdemeanor of breaking & entering/illegal entry upon successful completion of a year of probation. I could not be happier with the outcome or more thankful for the representation I had with Mr. Morad, especially with my future endeavors and individual goals. He was patient, kind, and caring during the most difficult time of my life, and his legal services were a blessing. I would highly recommend Attorney Robert J. Morad in dealing with criminal defense cases and any other legal matters within his scope of practice.


This was the second time one of my family members had to use Rob's services. He was able to get my son's ticket totally removed from his record for a very small fine. Rob always made us feel like we were the only case he was working on. Never judged us or made us feel like criminals. We hope we don't need his services in the future, but if we need a defense attorney, he is the only one I would call on.

Donna V

Excellent experience: Knowledgeable, Professional and Responsive...
R. Morad was not only helpful and responsive to my situation, but as well, very personable to work with.

I would like to thank him for being able to get up to speed quickly and provide me with excellent insight, guidance and support for my situation.

Working with Mr. Morad was a very professional experience and one that I would recommend should you need a defense attorney.


If you are lucky enough to retain Robert Morad to represent you then you have won half the battle you are in....Robert will WIN the other half. My son was in serious trouble for a serious mistake he made. Robert listened and carefully crafted a legal strategy and took advantage of being well connected in the Michigan legal system to defend successfully our case. My family will be forever indebted to him for his effort, expertise and general concern for us!

Matt F.

Robert Morad is a very conscientious lawyer that I appreciated having represent me. At the beginning, he didn't tell me fantasy outcomes or give me empty promises, he told me realistically what I was looking at, and laid out my options without persuasion, then supported the direction I decided to move. Although he seemed a little detached at times, he was actually quietly succeeding. His experience and influence with the court system and its employees is ultimately proven phenomenal, since it's not initially bragged about. In the end, he under promised and over delivered, and allowed me to realize that on my own. I would recommend Robert to anyone who finds themselves in an unfortunate situation, since he's especially great at his job.

Clint K.